15 things that make me happy

Nominated by @viciouscunt

I’d like to nominate i-have-a-gay-best-friend, i-hopeyou-love, a-nightmare-regardless, mymidwestaffliction, & brittlegitstl

1) The way Mia looks at me
2) my dog Sam
3) taking pictures
4) creating something artistically
5) building with Legos
6) going to the beach
7) good food
8) walking around the city without having to really be anywhere, just the carefree feeling of wandering
9) Slurpees
10) having intellectual conversations with educated people
11) rooftop hangouts with friends and a few drinks
12) feeling clean after a shower
13) having everything be clean and organized in my home (hi, OCD)
14) feeling confident in myself
15) knowing that I am still alive and kicking after all of the crap I’ve been trough and nothing and no one can take my inner strength away from me.


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